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I'm lucky enough to be a Campus Moderator!
Want to know where I go for bass related answers when my good friends aren't answering their emails or texts or singing telegrams with their expert bass related answers? You should check out Talkbass.com
If e-lec-tronic mail is your thing... info@dbass.ca
I teach the Bass program here. I think that's pretty cool.
I teach the classical Bass program here. I think that's pretty cool too.
I'm a proud member of Music PEI - they gave me that Musician of the Year award in 2015! Cool!
Are you a bass player? Last year I started a bass player website containing articles I wrote about bass playing.
Hey look...I have a Web Log. It's about me and stuff.
Hey look...I have another Web Log. That makes 2. This one is about health. I don't update it often. You do the math.
Do you like Jazz? Or Islands? We try to combine them by playin Jazz on Prince Edward Island ...Thursdays at the Globe